Waveguide Bends: E & H Plane 30˚- 60˚- 45˚- 90˚

Waveguide bends manufactured by Arra Inc. are available in E-plane and H-plane wave guides. These bends are available in 30°, 60°, 45° and 90° waveguide bend models. Standard waveguide sizes include WR28, WR42, WR51, WR62, WR75, WR90, WR102, WR112, WR137, WR159, WR187, WR229, WR284, WR340 and WR430. Offering standard models with swept or miter waveguide bends.

  • Lab and testing applications
  • Used to extend the dynamic range of amplifiers
  • Match circuits
  • Balance unequal signal levels
    Continuously Variable Attenuators


Waveguide Bends

30˚- 60˚ E & H Plane Bends
45˚- 90˚ E & H Plane Bends